Dark Kitchen Cabinet Ideas: The Ultimate Styling Guide

Dark Kitchen Cabinet Ideas: The Ultimate Styling Guide

Some designers shy away from using dark cabinets in their kitchen furnishings out of a concern that they may seem stuffy or stale when compared to their white kitchen cabinet counterpart. Those that take the plunge, however, will find that the rich tones and clean lines of dark wood cabinets lend a warm, timeless style that shines in both modern and rustic spaces. Below, we’ve included some guidelines to help you determine the types of décor that best complement the sleek romance of dark kitchen cabinets.

Rustic Kitchen Ideas with Dark Cabinets

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Modern Kitchen Ideas with Dark Cabinets

Modern Kitchen style with dark cabinets

Though brightness and clean design are staples of modern kitchen design, that doesn’t mean there’s no room for cabinetry in dark, rich tones. On the contrary; dark cabinets can provide a striking contrast against an otherwise monochromatic space. Dark kitchen cabinets bring beauty and craftsmanship into a modern space and serve as the room’s boldest element. Here are a few suggestions on furnishings that beautifully share the spotlight with magnificent dark cabinets.


Stainless steel is also the go-to finish for modern kitchen design. The shine of stainless steel appliances complements the other sleek elements of a modern kitchen. Whereas a rustic kitchen would likely use more understated hardware, a modern kitchen embraces the use of metal in its handles, knobs, and pulls. The result is a sub-current of matching elements that at once enhances the overall look of the room and stands beautifully on its own.

modern kitchen with dark cabinets, modern stools and stainless steel appliances


Tiles are the go-to material for a modern kitchen backsplash, as stone can be too busy for the uniformity of modern design. Likewise, the tiling itself is often of uniform size in its application, though the colors can be varied in order to match the main tones of the space. In many dark modern kitchens, the tiling matches the countertops. However, using a contrasting color for your backsplash can also keep your kitchen visually interesting.


There are considerably more countertop choices afforded to the modern kitchen design. While stone is still the standard – and options like marble or granite are still the most popular – bolder options like quartzite, soapstone, and limestone can also perform beautifully so long as they hem to the tones and aesthetic of the space. That said, a countertop’s main function in a kitchen with dark cabinetry is to provide contrast against that cabinetry. For example, white countertops can look striking against the deep tones of dark kitchen cabinets. Keep that in mind when choosing both your cabinet model and the material of your countertop.

modern kitchen with dark cabinets and light floors


Though dark stained wood is a popular choice in modern kitchens, feel free to experiment with tiles and stone flooring. If you go with a more muted cabinet – such as our Driftwood Grey cabinets – you may choose a marble or granite floor that mirrors that tone. A cabinet in a richer color – such as our Shaker Espresso cabinets – can really shine when paired with wood. In either case, simplicity is paramount; bolder design choices in modern kitchens are typically reserved for other elements.


Clean lines are the guiding principle of modern kitchen furniture. Straight-backed chairs based on square or rectangular designs make bold statements within simple designs. If you’re looking for something a little more casual, consider a set of barstools that follow the same guidelines. Above all else, look for pieces that are sharp yet not so outrageous that they outshine the rest of the space.


As mentioned in the appliance section, hardware in modern kitchens have more freedom to stand out and act as an active part of the room’s design. The impact made by your handles, knobs, and pulls can either come through their sleek and linear style or through their complete absence. Some cabinets popular in modern kitchen design (like our Shaker Espresso) forego handles entirely for a totally clean and uniform look.

The benefits of designing your kitchen with dark cabinetry are numerous. The flexibility in styles and tones allows the homeowner a great deal of flexibility in the style of kitchen they wish to pursue and the nature of the cabinet furnishings. If you have any questions, feel free to get in touch with one of our friendly customer service representatives. Or, if you’re ready to get started on a dark kitchen cabinet design, visit our free 3D design tool today!

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