Dark vs. Light Kitchen Cabinets: Which Is Right For You?

Dark vs. Light Kitchen Cabinets: Which Is Right For You?

Light kitchen cabinets can look oh-so-clean and refreshing, but dark kitchen cabinets bring that delectable drama. How are you supposed to choose?!

Let’s hear the case for both contenders, shall we?

Why We Love Light Kitchen Cabinets

1. Enduring Appeal

Light kitchen cabinets — especially white cabinets — are timeless. While dark colors tend to go in and out of style, white is almost always on trend. In fact, light cabinets tend to help your home’s resale value compared to dark cabinets.

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2. The Illusion of More Space

With a lighter finish, your kitchen cabinets can help make your space feel more open and inviting. This is especially important if you have a small kitchen.

3. A Clean Slate For Other Decor

Light kitchen cabinets tend to help make surrounding colors “pop.” So if you want to show off your favorite accessories, artwork or a statement piece of furniture without the space feeling too busy, a light cabinet finish may be your best bet.

Why Dark Kitchen Cabinets Are Just As Divine

1. Bold Sophistication

There’s something distinctly luxurious, almost even seductive, about a well-decorated space with rich, dark finishes. It reflects a certain confidence. For that kind of vibe, dark kitchen cabinets are a must.

2. Easier Maintenance

Part of the reason dark kitchen cabinets tend to feel so luxurious is that they hide most dirt and imperfections better. Touch-ups may also blend in better with some dark finishes.

3. Warmth for Wide-Open Spaces

If you’re lucky enough to have a large kitchen, light decor may feel too sterile to you. Especially if you want to keep walls and flooring lighter, dark kitchen cabinets can add the contrast you need to warm up your space.

Another Option: Combo Kitchen Cabinets

If you really don’t want to choose, you don’t have to! In fact, dual-colored kitchen cabinets are a popular trend. There’s even a name for the look: “tuxedo kitchens.”

If you decide a tuxedo kitchen is for you, you’ll want to put your dark cabinets on the bottom and your light cabinets on the top to balance out the visual weight.

Still Not Sure What Hue’s For You?

At the end of the day, there’s no right or wrong choice. It comes down to your personal taste and priorities.

Whether you choose light or dark kitchen cabinets, all that ultimately matters is that YOU are happy and that you get high-quality construction that will last.

Go ahead. Explore your options to find the kitchen cabinets you’ll love best.

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