How to Organize Your Refrigerator in a Right Way

How to Organize Your Refrigerator in a Right Way

It doesn’t matter if you have a double-door fridge or something a bit simpler, keeping it clean and organized can be a big task to take on. Fridge organization also does not require too many tools or too much time to complete, and can work with whichever format of organizing works best for you. Here are a few tips we have accumulated to help you organize your fridge and keep it organized!

1. Freshness and Expiration Dates

Foods in container- Fridge Organization

One of the first things to consider when reorganizing and working on your refrigerator is clearing out older or spoiled foods to make sure everything is kept fresh. Perishables should be put front and center in your fridge since they spoil easier and can create a mess when left in there too long. 

Depending on the space you have, separating fruits and vegetables in bins or drawers can keep items fresh and serve as a reminder to use these items early before spoiling. 

2. Practical Placement

Fridge with container

In your fridge, regardless of size and style, they all share similarities in what zones are warmer and others that are colder. Fruits and veggies can go in the crisper, or if you do not have one, can be placed up front in bowls or bins to remain fresh. 

The door and top shelf are the warmer zones and can be used more for condiments while saving the dairy products, jams/spread, and eggs on the middle shelves. Meats and milk can be placed on the lower shelves, this not only helps with organizing based on items but also helps by putting some heavier items lower instead of overflowing your shelves. 

3. Bins and containers

Fridge shelves with Bins and containers, vegetables and fruits

Another food organization idea to consider is utilizing bins and containers. For items like eggs and extra veggies, feel free to invest in some clear bins and containers. This makes it easier to see what you have, and it also helps eliminate bags or bulky packaging. With clear bins, you are saving space and can use labels to clearly mark items or even write dates for certain perishables. Some bins include lids to make it easier to stack items and let you shuffle them around. 

4. Lists and labels 

Food container with labels

If you struggle to keep your fridge organized and lose track easily, writing it down can be extremely helpful. Adding a list on the front of your fridge or using a dry-erase marker on the inside walls of your fridge can help you keep track of items and dates. Make sure to use a dry-erase marker for the inside or keep a notepad and pen on the front of your fridge to prevent damage to your refrigerator’s appearance.

If you are struggling with space or creating an organizational system, start small and look at what you are starting with by using these fridge organization ideas. Everyone has a different format they want to follow but there are various ways to maximize your space. For more home tips and tricks or renovation ideas, click here! 


1. How can I organize my fridge without bins? 

When organizing your fridge, consider where each food item works best in terms of sizing as well as where it will stay the freshest. As stated above, veggies and other plant items work best in the crisper to preserve them longer and condiments can be placed in the doors of your fridge where it is warmer since they don’t need as much access to the cool temperatures. This leaves the main shelving of your fridge for meats and daily food items that need to be kept in easy access. 

2. How do I  organize fridge drawers?

Organizing your fridge drawers depends on the number of drawers you have and where you prefer everything placed. Lower-level drawers should contain your fresh produce to keep humidity from spoiling them. You might also consider a meat and cheese drawer that can be used for easy lunch/meal prep. Other drawers can be utilized for other high traffic items such as snacks and drinks. 

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