6 Tips to Keep Your Kitchen Germ-Free During Flu Season

6 Tips to Keep Your Kitchen Germ-Free During Flu Season

The flu season is upon us, and keeping your home and kitchen clean and free of germs is more important than ever. The kitchen is one of the main areas in the home where germs can spread, so it is essential to take the proper steps in cleaning kitchen surfaces and cabinets. In this blog post, we will provide tips on how to keep your kitchen germ free during flu season!

1. Wash your hands before preparing meals

A man and kid whishing their hand in kitchen

One of the most important steps you can take is to wash your hands before you begin prepping meals. Be sure to use a kitchen cleaner, such as a kitchen sink cleaner, and follow a kitchen cleaning checklist to ensure that all surfaces are cleaned properly. Wash your hands with warm water and soap for at least 20 seconds before prepping any meals, and always remember to dry your hands afterward. This simple step can go a long way in keeping your kitchen germ free during flu season.

2. Sanitize surfaces regularly

cleaning products

The kitchen is a major source of bacteria, so it’s essential to keep it clean and germ-free during flu season. One of the best ways to do this is to regularly sanitize surfaces in the kitchen. Use a kitchen cleaner to wipe down counters, tables, and other surfaces. You can also create a kitchen cleaning checklist to ensure you’re regularly wiping down all areas in your kitchen. Make sure you pay special attention to the kitchen sink and use a kitchen sink cleaner to get rid of any dirt and grime that may have built up over time.

3. Change dish towels 

Green and white dish towels

During flu season, it is important to regularly change your dish towels. This will help to keep your kitchen germ-free and reduce the spread of bacteria and germs. When changing your dish towels, make sure that you wash them at the hottest temperature setting possible. This will help to ensure that all germs are killed during the wash cycle. Hang the new dish towels up and store the used ones in a separate laundry bag for washing.

4. Clean cabinets safely

white kitchen cabinets with silver hardware, countertop, range hood, electric stove

Cleaning kitchen cabinets is a great way to reduce germs in your kitchen during flu season. Make sure your cabinets can withstand water. With Lily Ann Cabinets, our cabinets are HDF so they can withstand heat and water absorption without cracking and expanding. Start by dusting the cabinet surfaces with a damp cloth. Next, wipe down the cabinet interiors with vinegar and water solution. Make sure to reach all the corners and crevices, as germs can hide in the smallest of spaces. Rinse the surface with a clean cloth and warm water, then dry it off with a paper towel. 

If necessary, use a disinfectant spray on the inside and outside of your cabinets to kill any remaining bacteria. Finally, check for any food residue that may have been left behind, and wipe it off with a wet cloth or paper towel. By taking these steps to clean your kitchen cabinets regularly, you can help to keep your kitchen and cabinets germ-free during flu season.

5. Store food safely

Fridge container with vegetables

To keep your kitchen germ-free during flu season, it is important to store food safely. This includes keeping all perishables in the refrigerator or freezer and throwing away any food that has been out for more than two hours. Additionally, all canned goods and other nonperishables should be stored in a cool and dry place. 

It is also important to keep food containers clean and sealed tightly at all times. You should use a kitchen cleaner to thoroughly clean any containers before storing them away. Make sure to check the expiration dates on all food items before consuming them. 

Finally, make sure to clean the kitchen sink regularly with a kitchen sink cleaner. Keep a kitchen cleaning checklist handy to help you remember what needs to be cleaned. If you follow these steps, you can reduce the risk of germs spreading throughout your kitchen during flu season.

6. Wipe down cabinet hardware

white cabinets and black hardware, white countertop, and wood hood

Cleaning kitchen cabinets is not complete without wiping down the hardware. Cabinet knobs and handles are often touched when opening or closing a cabinet and can accumulate germs and dirt. Use an all-purpose cleaner to thoroughly clean each piece of hardware, ensuring that you get into crevices and grooves. 

Once you have cleaned the hardware, use a dry cloth to wipe it dry and prevent streaks. For deeper cleaning, you can also use vinegar and water solution to clean the hardware.

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1. How often should your kitchen be cleaned? 

Your kitchen should be cleaned often and well, especially during flu season. Wiping down the counters and handles daily will diminish your chances of spreading illnesses around your household. 

2. How do I clean a stainless steel kitchen sink?

Apply a stainless steel cleaner to the cloth or directly into the sink and wipe this sink clean with a cloth or a sponge. 

When it comes to bathroom design, there are so many different ideas and styles to choose from. It can be overwhelming trying to find the perfect design that fits your home and style.

Whether you're looking for something modern and sleek, or something more traditional and timeless, it's important to do your research and find the right bathroom design ideas that fit your needs. In this blog post, we'll explore some of the most popular bathroom designs and help you determine which of these styles best fits your home.

1. Traditional

Traditional square Jacuzzi with glass door and double sink style cabinet top

When it comes to bathroom design, traditional style offers a classic look that never goes out of style. Traditional bathrooms feature timeless design elements such as intricate wall tiles, luxurious bathtubs and vanities, and charming accents like ornate mirrors. Whether you’re looking for a modern bathroom design or a small bathroom design, you can find inspiration in the traditional style.

Bathroom designs featuring traditional elements are perfect for those who want to make a statement without sacrificing comfort. When designing a traditional bathroom, consider incorporating elegant wallpapers, bold patterns, and classic lighting fixtures to really make the space shine. For those with a smaller bathroom, try using sleek, streamlined fixtures, as well as open shelves and storage solutions to maximize your space. No matter which design ideas you choose, you can guarantee that your traditional bathroom will bring warmth and style to any home.

2. Contemporary

floating wooden vanities with marble top and white sink, large mirror, Ceramic Wall tile

Contemporary bathroom design are all about creating a modern and sleek atmosphere. This style typically features clean lines and minimalistic designs, making it perfect for small bathrooms. A contemporary bathroom should have neutral colors and modern fixtures. Use simple designs to open up the space and create an inviting atmosphere. To complete the look, add geometric patterns and polished metals.

Some popular features of contemporary bathrooms include glass-enclosed showers, floating vanities, and integrated sinks. With the right design, you can create a stylish bathroom that looks modern and inviting.

3. Rustic

Rustic Bathroom design with Jacuzzi, wooden vanities, mirror and large square window

Rustic bathroom designs are a great way to bring an old-world charm and warmth to your home. These small bathroom designs embrace natural elements, including wood, stone, and terracotta tiles. Characteristic features of rustic bathrooms include wooden cabinets, furniture with a distressed or antique finish, and a cozy, inviting atmosphere.

Modern rustic bathrooms often feature modern touches like frameless shower doors, updated lighting fixtures, and neutral colors like gray and white. Designs for a small bathroom can also easily incorporate rustic elements, such as wooden shelves, a vintage sink, and a stone countertop. Adding some rustic elements to your bathroom will create a timeless and warm atmosphere.

4. Minimalist

bathroom design with Freestanding Jacuzzi Tub, 2 large mirror, wooden floor and neutral white color wall

Minimalist bathroom design offer a sleek and modern look that can suit any home. These designs for a small bathroom or large bathroom are perfect for anyone looking to create a contemporary and clean atmosphere. The minimalist style incorporates simple lines, neutral colors, and sleek materials for a timeless and classic look.

In addition to modern bathroom designs, minimalism also offers a feeling of calmness and order. When it comes to choosing the perfect bathroom design for your home, minimalist style is a great choice.

5. Coastal-Style

Coastal Style bathroom with Freestanding Jacuzzi Tub and floating shelves

Bring the feeling of being near the beach to your bathroom design with a coastal style. Featuring a light and airy atmosphere with breezy color palettes, warm woods, and natural textures, this look is perfect for small bathroom designs or modern bathroom designs. Utilize white-washed furniture, beach-inspired accessories, and delicate floral prints to achieve a timeless yet beachy atmosphere. To make your coastal bathroom design ideas come to life, incorporate unique light fixtures such as sea glass lamps or rope-wrapped chandeliers.

For smaller bathrooms, consider adding patterned wallpaper for an unexpected but classic touch. No matter the size of your bathroom, you can bring that beachside vibe into your home with a coastal design! 

6. Farmhouse-Style

Farmhouse Style bathroom with rustic vanities, shiplap wall, vintage-inspired fixtures, 2 large round mirror

The farmhouse style is a popular choice for many modern bathroom designs. Farmhouse bathrooms feature classic elements like shiplap, exposed beams, and vintage-inspired fixtures that lend a cozy, homey feel to the space. If you're looking for a timeless look, farmhouse style is a great choice. There are also plenty of farmhouse designs for small bathrooms. Look for furniture pieces with a rustic or vintage feel, and make sure to include plenty of white or neutral colors for a bright, airy atmosphere.

You can also opt for plenty of wood accents and unique fixtures to really tie the space together. Small bathroom designs in the farmhouse style often focus on simple lines, natural materials, and plenty of light and airy elements to create a charming yet modern look.

7. All-White Style

white themed bathroom with Jacuzzi, cabinets, mirror, marble floor, red color rug

If you are looking for a timeless bathroom design, then all-white is a perfect choice. All-white small bathroom designs create a clean and crisp look that won’t ever go out of style. These modern bathroom designs make the perfect backdrop to add your favorite decorative items, like brightly colored towels or vases. You can create a contemporary white bathroom by mixing different textures, such as glossy white tiles with matte paint finishes.

You could also consider adding a white marble vanity to bring some texture and luxe to the design. Small bathrooms are perfect for all-white designs, as it will make them appear much larger than they actually are. With designs for a small bathroom, it is important to create a bright and airy atmosphere, which an all-white design does perfectly.

8. Industrial-Style

stylish bathroom design with gray and blue accent wall, floating sink and shelves, gold fixture

Industrial style is the perfect choice for small bathroom designs. This look blends functionality with edgy and modern aesthetics, creating a space that is both stylish and practical. Industrial bathroom design ideas can be as simple as using exposed pipes and distressed wood to create an eye-catching focal point. Try incorporating bold metals like steel and brass for a truly industrial feel.

For a more subtle approach, consider adding concrete, natural stone or wood to the walls and floors. Industrial lighting, such as metal cage pendants, help bring in an industrial element without overpowering the room. With the right touches, an industrial-style bathroom can be a great way to add a unique touch to your home.

9. Modern-Style

Modern bathroom designs with gray floating vanities, white counter top, black matt fixtures, large mirror, glass shower doors, geometric tiles, shiplap wall

Modern bathroom designs are a great choice for those looking to create a contemporary atmosphere in their home. These designs often focus on clean lines, bold shapes, and minimal decoration. For a sleek look with clean lines, try our Grey Shaker Elite Bath Vanities which will be sure to bring that modern feel into any space. When designing a modern bathroom, it’s important to keep in mind the size of the space.

Small bathrooms can often feel cramped, but modern designs can help create an illusion of more space by incorporating light colors and using more efficient fixtures. Large bathrooms are often easier to design, as there is more room to play with color and texture. No matter the size of the bathroom, you can incorporate modern design elements like glass shower doors, sleek vanity cabinets, and geometric tiles. Simple fixtures like faucets and towel bars are also a great way to make your modern bathroom designs pop. Overall, modern bathroom designs can create a beautiful atmosphere in any home with the right fixtures and materials.

10. Bohemian-Style

Bohemian bathroom designs with Freestanding Jacuzzi Tub, plants,

Bohemian bathroom designs are characterized by an eclectic mix of different textures, colors, and patterns. This type of bathroom design is perfect for those who want to express their individuality and add a touch of creativity. The idea is to create an inviting and whimsical atmosphere.

When designing a Bohemian-style bathroom, it’s important to include elements that reflect your own personal style. You can incorporate brightly colored rugs, wall art, and plants to give the space a more inviting vibe. If you’re looking for bathroom design ideas for a small bathroom, you can take advantage of the bohemian style by adding colorful textiles or patterned wallpaper. A freestanding tub can also add a touch of luxury and a great focal point for the room. To complete the look, don’t forget to add some cozy towels and candles for a relaxing atmosphere.

In conclusion, Finding the perfect design for your bathroom can be a challenge. However, with so many different styles to choose from, there’s sure to be one that perfectly fits your home and lifestyle. It’s important to choose a style that you will love for years to come. From Vanitties, handles, faucets, and any other of your bathroom needs, Lily Ann Cabinets is here to help you create the bathroom of your dreams. With careful consideration and the right design choices, you can transform your bathroom into a beautiful and functional space.

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1. What are the 2023 bathroom trends

Statement walls will be a bathroom trend in 2023. Whether it’s wallpaper, a bold paint color, tiles, or an eye-catching mural, statement walls can be used to make a statement and create a focal point in your bathroom. Open shelving is another popular trend for 2023 bathrooms. Open shelving is great for displaying items like towels and toiletries while creating an airy feel in the room. You can also use open shelving as a place to show off decorative items or plants to bring a bit of nature into your space.

2. What color is most flattering in a bathroom?

Certain colors and hues can make or break your space which is why it is so important to choose a bathroom color carefully. White is an ideal choice for a bathroom as it reflects light, making the room appear brighter and more spacious and it suits most decor styles. Soft shades of blues, greens, and pinks are also flattering in bathrooms since they create a more open and inviting feel. A pop of color in the form of an accent wall or colorful accessories can bring life to the room without making it feel too cramped. The right color can make all the difference in creating an inviting atmosphere that is both stylish and functional.

3. What are 2 things to consider when designing a bathroom?

When designing a bathroom, it is important to take into account the size of the space and the style you want to achieve. Size is particularly important especially if you’re working with a small bathroom design. Plan the layout carefully so that all of the necessary fixtures and decor can fit comfortably in the limited space. Style is also important for bathroom designs. The choice of materials, colors, and textures will determine the atmosphere and feel of your bathroom. It is important to select a style that works for you and fits within your desired budget.

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