How to Install a Ductless Range Hood

How to Install a Ductless Range Hood

What is a Ductless Range Hood? 

Range hoods are a great way to add another modern, sophisticated feature in your kitchen. Not only are range hoods great for an added decorative piece for a kitchen, but they also are useful when cooking and keeping your kitchen space clean. 

A vented range hood removes airborne grease, combustion products, fumes, smoke, heat, and steam. Therefore, range hoods will make sure that during and after cooking on a stovetop, there will be no nauseous fumes in the air you breathe. Not only are range hoods important for your own personal health and safety, but they will also act as a stunning decorative piece of the kitchen space!

When a range hood is ductless it is more of an air purifier. These hoods use charcoal filters to suck up air, filter it through, and then recirculate it through the room. Also, this gives you the flexibility so you don’t have to install ducting in your home unnecessarily and allows you to install the range hood wherever you like without worrying about where the duct system is located.

Time Required for Assembly: Expect around two-hours for your range hood installation. 

Installing the Bracket 

The first thing you want to do is locate the center point of your oven range. Your hood unit is going to be hanging from your ceiling. There should be a bracket that gets mounted to your ceiling first with pre-drilled holes. Before installing you will need to take note of where the studs are in your ceiling and if you need to drill any other holes to make sure your bracket will be secure. 

Tip: make a paper template of your bracket so you can locate all the points on your ceiling without having to hold up the heavy bracket to find them. If you fold your paper horizontally and then vertically it will give you your center point. 

Next, you will need a friend to help locate the four corners on your ceiling to make sure that they match up to your range. Then mark the four corners on your ceiling with a pencil. Now you can go ahead and install your anchors. Once the anchors are in, you can then install the bracket. 

The hood needs to be hung anywhere from 28-31 inches above the range. Install your L-brackets on all four corners making sure, when installed, the hood will fall within the aforementioned range. 

Installing the Hood 

Next, you will want to get your flue set up and work on plugging the hood into the electric outlet in the ceiling. 

Tip: If you have a light fixture above your island you can tap into that electricity for your hood. 

Once it is plugged in, turn it on to make sure everything works. Now it is time to pull up the flue and secure it in place. Once that is installed you can push up the bottom part of the hood into place and self-tap screw through the L-bracket into your hood. 

After your hood is up it is now time to install the charcoal filters. Pull off the baffles (the trays on the bottom of your hood directly above the oven). The charcoal filter gets attached to two pins on the fan. Once the filter is in place you can put the baffles back. Congrats you have now installed your very own ductless range hood! 

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What Lily Ann Cabinets Offers 

A brand new range hood can make all of the difference in a kitchen. Lily Ann Cabinets offers a wide array of range hoods to choose from, one to fit every style of kitchen, so there’s an option for everyone. Lily Ann Cabinets is here to make your dream kitchen come to fruition! 


1. How much does it cost to install a ductless range hood?

According to, ductless hoods tend to be the least expensive option of range hoods, usually running from $200 to $400, including labor installation costs.

2. Do ductless range hoods need to be vented?

Since ductless range hoods don’t need to vent to your home's exterior, you are not required to install them only where there is a duct. They can be placed anywhere and filter the air without venting.

3. Where do ductless range hoods vent?

When a ductless vent hood is installed, it filters the air and releases it back into the room only using a charcoal filter.

4. How does a ductless under cabinet range hood work?

Under-cabinet range hoods are exactly like normal range hoods but are installed underneath your main kitchen wall cabinets. They can be either ducted or ductless depending on if you have a ventilation system where the range hood is located.

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