25+ Ways To Style Grey Kitchen Cabinets

25+ Ways To Style Grey Kitchen Cabinets

Many have started to wonder: are grey kitchen cabinets going out of style? Grey has remained a staple color in kitchen interior design for decades, but some worry that grey’s time in the style spotlight is coming to an end. However, these 25+ inspiring grey kitchen designs prove otherwise. From modern to rustic, these grey kitchen photos show that every shade of gray is here to stay—for good! Continue on to explore our favorite gray kitchen design ideas and kitchen cabinet styles pictures.


#1. Modern Grey Kitchen Cabinets

modern grey kitchen with gold accents wood bar stools and marble countertops

Eye Swoon

The first thing we tell people when they ask whether grey is gone for good: take a look at modern interior design! The hottest modern kitchens are now featuring muted grey cabinetry. Grey, a versatile neutral, is integral in modern design because it’s relaxed tone allows for other design elements to really pop. Like, for example, the subtle gold accents in this eclectic 21st century home.

#2. Grey Shaker Kitchen Cabinets

light gray cabinets with white countertops and white subway tile backsplash silver hardware

Is traditional more your style? Then grey shaker cabinets are the choice for you. Dress them up or down—it doesn’t matter. Whatever kitchen decor you choose, grey shaker cabinets appear elegant and timeless. They’re the ultimate no-frills option that even the least design-savvy can appreciate.

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#3. Light Grey Kitchen Cabinets with Dark Countertops

large kitchen island with metallic pendant lighting gray shaker cabinets and built-in sink

Humphrey Munson

In this kitchen, light grey cabinets are complemented by a large black island countertop. Many are tempted to match grey cabinetry with a grey or white countertop, but black is a bold choice that certainly pays off. Whereas lighter countertops reflect light and brighten up a kitchen, dark countertops bring drama and depth.

#4. Grey and White Kitchen Cabinets

white galley kitchen with grey shaker base cabinets white wall cabinets gold hardware large rug

Rue Magazine

To keep things simple and bright, the best compliment to gray kitchen cabinets is white. To balance out the visual symmetry of the space, keep the darker color (grey) as a base cabinet and use the lighter (white) for wall cabinets. This kitchen exemplifies the perfect blend of grey and white cabinets with chic gold hardware and a bright patterned floor runner.

#5. Grey Kitchen Cabinets with White Countertops

modern rustic kitchen with grey inset shaker cabinets white tile backsplash silver knobs and pulls

Photo via Pinterest

Glossy white countertops and grey shaker cabinets are a match made in heaven. This modern farmhouse kitchen adds in dark wood accents and silver hardware for a bit of extra contrast. How would you style these contemporary gray shaker cabinets?

#6. Grey Cabinets with Farmhouse Sink

modern farmhouse kitchen with farmhouse sink island, white and grey kitchen cabinets, wood floors and hexagon white backsplash

My Home Living

This luxurious gray and white kitchen island features an oversized farmhouse sink. If you’re going to install a farmhouse sink, why not make it the center of attention? A built-in wine fridge and inset gray cabinets make this island the epitome of style and function.

#7. Gray Cabinets with Matching Gray Kitchen Island

large gray kitchen with matching island french doors and wood floors

Should your kitchen island match your cabinets? Generally speaking, no—most homeowners choose a contrasting shade to make their island stand out. However, in many instances, matching your kitchen cabinets with your island creates a striking visual effect. In this kitchen, dark grey shaker cabinets are used throughout for consistency. The effect is an elegant and complementary space that highlights the gorgeous gray color and detailing of the cabinets.

#8. Grey Farmhouse Cabinets

rustic country farmhouse kitchen with light gray cabinetry wood beams and tile floors white walls

Nothing speaks to the farmhouse style better than classic grey shaker cabinets. This kitchen maintains the easygoing country farm look with simple cabinet knobs. If a farmhouse kitchen is what you're aiming for, no-frills cabinetry is the way to go. The focus should stay on more natural and raw elements like wood, stone and tile.

#9. Grey Kitchen Cabinets with Gold Hardware

dark grey shaker cabinets with gold hardware pulls and marble countertops backsplash

The best way to dress up grey cabinets for less is with affordable gold hardware. Not only is gold a trendy color for contemporary kitchens, it gives neutral cabinets a much-needed pop of color. If your cabinets are on the older side but you don’t want to splurge on a full remodel, consider swapping out the knobs and pulls for an updated gold touch. Gray cabinets with gold hardware are both elegant and timeless, perfect for a modern kitchen look.

#10. Grey Distressed Kitchen Cabinets

grey distressed weathered kitchen cabinets with glass doors brick backsplash and antique vintage decor

Distressed grey cabinets are a great option for rustic farmhouse and country kitchens. Not only do they have a gorgeous antique feel, they hide scratches and stains better due to the variations in color and stain. There are several online tutorials for DIY distressed grey cabinets if you’re bold enough to try it yourself. But, for the less daring, purchasing distressed grey cabinets can be just as cost-effective.

#11. Grey Kitchen Cabinets with Wood Floors

large bright modern farmhouse kitchen with light gray inset cabinets vintage hardware glossy white backsplash wood beams and oversized farmhouse kitchen island

Park and Oak Design

Wood floors are a popular choice for kitchens for many reasons: namely, their timeless style. No matter how many design re-dos your kitchen undergoes, a classic wood floor will always match the look. In keeping with their timeless style, every shade of gray cabinets matches wood flooring. We especially admire this pale grey kitchen—the contrast between the light cabinets and the wood grain is phenomenal!

#12. Grey Cabinets with Grey Walls

light grey shaker cabinets with matching grey walls herringbone backsplash silver pulls dark wood floors

Dering Hall

Many wonder what color to paint their walls with grey cabinets—it can be a tricky decision! Do you want the walls to stand out? Blend in? Make a statement? Per our recommendation, you can never go wrong with grey-on-grey for walls and cabinets. This kitchen does exactly that, also adding a chic herringbone backsplash for some extra design flair.

#13. Grey Blue Kitchen Cabinets

grey blue shaker cabinets with silver cup pulls scandinavian design wood butcher block countertops


Can’t decide between grey or blue cabinets? The answer is simple: choose both! Grey blue kitchen cabinets are a beautiful way to cool down your kitchen. The blend of these two tones creates an undeniably appealing color. This kitchen mixes grey blue cabinets with white walls and light wood floors for a simplistic Scandinavian design.

#14. Dark Grey Kitchen Cabinets

dark grey kitchen cabinets with black hardware black countertops and tile floor

Don’t be afraid to go to the dark side. This gorgeous kitchen is fitted with dark gray kitchen cabinets, black hardware and matching black countertops. Subtle pops of color in the orange floor tile, metallic sink faucet and throw rug ensure the space doesn’t feel overwhelmingly gloomy. In fact, these dark gray kitchen cabinets feel anything but. This space proves that darker neutral cabinets can easily be warmed up with small decor elements.

#15. Grey Cabinets with Butcher Block Countertops

light grey cabinets with butcher block countertops and butcher block island

Sincerely Marie Designs

Light grey cabinets with butcher block countertops make this kitchen a modern farmhouse paradise. Butcher block countertops are making a comeback in popular kitchen design, and grey cabinets are the perfect match. Add a farmhouse sink and some fresh flowers and your kitchen will feel like it came straight out of a cozy country farm cottage.

#16. Grey Stained Kitchen Cabinets

grey stained kitchen cabinets modern rustic style with wood floors large matching island and white barstools

Grey stained kitchen cabinets look amazing in any kitchen style. Most commonly, interior designers use grey stained kitchen cabinets in modern rustic homes. The slightly distressed finish give them an aged look that lends to the warm and cabin-y feel. Stained cabinets are also a good option for those who admire grey colored cabinets but want to maintain some of their natural wood grain as well.

#17. Glossy Grey Kitchen Cabinets

glossy grey kitchen cabinets with white walls and black herringbone backsplash gold cabinet pulls

BDHM Design

These dark gray cabinets have a high-gloss lacquer finish, giving them the essential look of modern freshness. Glossy grey kitchen cabinets embody a luxurious drama that suits the modern style. The light grey floors and white walls in this kitchen balance out the darker cabinetry and black herringbone backsplash.

#18. Grey Kitchen Cabinets with Glass Doors

grey glass door cabinets with silver knobs and pulls french door wood floors and patterned wallpaper

Adding glass-front doors to simple grey shaker cabinets is an easily achievable way to add extra flare to an otherwise plain cabinet design. Plus, glass door cabinets are a beautiful way to display your favorite dishware and decor. This kitchen utilizes cabinets with glass doors to create a clever corner martini bar station.

#19. Gray Shaker Cabinets with White Subway Tile

oversized kitchen with grey shaker cabinetry matte black hardware open shelves and light wood floors

Lemon Thistle

The best tile for grey kitchen cabinets is, in most cases, white subway tile. In this kitchen, a glossy tile backsplash adds a hint of luxe to complement the simple grey shaker cabinetry. An extra plus, white subway tile is very affordable and relatively easy to install during a kitchen remodel.

#20. Grey Green Kitchen Cabinets

grey green kitchen cabinets with natural tile backsplash and matte black hardware

A newer trend in kitchen design, grey green (or rather, “greyn”) is an emerging color style that combines the earthy natural look of pale green with the neutral calmness of grey. Grey green cabinets are perfect for kitchens that incorporate natural elements like tile, stone and wood. Add matte black hardware for an extra dose of modern style.

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Craving more grey kitchen cabinets inspiration? Continue on to see more of our favorite grey kitchen cabinet styles pictures!

grey kitchen cabinets ideas
gray cabinets with gold hardware
farmhouse grey kitchen cabinets
light grey kitchen cabinets
classy grey kitchen cabinets gold sink faucet white and grey island, gray cabinets with gold hardware

Amy Bartlam

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