Current Cabinet Hardware Trends of 2022

Current Cabinet Hardware Trends of 2022

You’ve chosen your cabinet materials, decided where they will go in your home, and maybe even have already started viewing assembly videos on the Lily Ann website. So, what’s next? 

It’s time to choose your kitchen cabinet hardware!

Already asking yourself what that is or what kind you should pick? We’ll go over everything you need to know about what exactly kitchen cabinet hardware is, the different types and styles of hardware for cabinets, and of course, the popular kitchen hardware trends of 2022 so you can keep your bathroom or kitchen on-trend and look fresh.

What is cabinet hardware?

Hardware for cabinets refers to any exterior finishing part that is attached to any cabinets in your space– this can include locks, backplates, knobs or pull handles on the cabinet door, or even the hinges of the door itself.

Think of your cabinetry in your home as an entire outfit, with the cabinet hardware being the accessories you choose to help bring more attention to your overall look! 

There are many different styles of each specific piece of hardware for cabinets, each with its unique look, feel, and practical advantages and disadvantages. 

Let’s go over which pieces are essential for your kitchen or bathroom cabinets, and what you might just want for a more glamorous look.

Types of cabinet hardware

Knobs and Pulls

Knobs and pulls are the two most common types of cabinet hardware and probably what you’ll be most concerned with in choosing. Knobs and pulls are the pieces on the exterior of the cabinet door that allow you to open it! Although they may be used for the same thing, there are differences between them.

Knobs are, well, knobs, and typically come in a variety of circular shapes made from all kinds of different materials (like nickel or brass). Along with the choice of material, there are also many different styles of knobs, like traditional and contemporary, so there’s a lot of room for cabinet customization with them. Black hardware for knobs can be easily paired with other black hardware of your kitchen cabinets or can be paired with gold or silver hardware to add dimension to your cabinetry.

Pulls serve the same function as knobs but are designed differently. Pulls allow you to get a better grip on them by having the space for you to wrap your fingers around them. Unlike knobs, however, pulls are mounted on the cabinet door at two points rather than just one. Pulls are usually straight and rectangular-shaped, but depending on the style you’re looking for, they can come in some pretty interesting forms! Like knobs, traditional, transitional, and contemporary styles are available, as well as being made from many of the same materials that knobs are.

But that’s not all there is to cabinet hardware!


Backplates are another piece you can use if you’d like your cabinets to stand out in your kitchen or bathroom. These pieces go underneath a knob or pull and lie flush against the cabinet door. 

Like typical cabinet hardware, these come in several styles and materials as well – there’s something sure to match what you’re looking for!

Hardware for cabinets is of course no stranger to the trend cycles that come and go when it comes to interior design. Let’s take a look at what’s hot and trending right now in the world of cabinet design.

Latest cabinet hardware trends

What’s trending right now in cabinet hardware design? Quite simply, it’s what’s always worked. Brass knobs are always popular and give you that perfect antique look. Alternatively, rustic looks are seeing a huge boom thanks to the increased interest in a cottage-style dwellings, or “cottagecore”. If you’re also into the farmhouse, quaint aesthetic you might want to try cabinet pulls in oil-rubbed bronze. 

White kitchen cabinets look stunning with black hardware or silver hardware if you are looking for a modern look, while a gold finish will look more traditional. New knobs or pulls on kitchen cabinets can immediately make your kitchen space look ten times newer and more modern.

Mixing and matching trending styles with classic elements of cabinet hardware can provide some unique results! If you’re looking for what’s on-trend with cabinet hardware but still want to have your own unique flair, think about the styles you see most often for kitchen or bathroom designs and work from that.

For example, if you love the contemporary look that keeps proving itself time and time again to be popular but doesn’t want to design your whole room around that style, you might want to go with stainless steel pulls to just add a little element paying homage to contemporary design. 

Add cabinet hardware that you think looks best with the style you prefer.

Lily Ann Cabinets offers three styles of hardware for you to choose from: traditional, contemporary, and transitional. With each of these styles, there are plenty of finishes that will fit your design visions so you don’t feel like you are stuck and so you have a variety of hardware options to choose from. 

Trending cabinet hardware at Lily Ann Cabinets 

Looking for more kitchen and bathroom cabinet designs and hardware? Visit us at Lily Ann to browse our online gallery

For further consultation and information, you can request a free quote! We’re happy to help you find the trending cabinet hardware that suits your vision.


How to install cabinet hardware?

You will first want to remove the old cabinet hardware by unscrewing the bolts that hold them in place. For knobs, this would be one screw and for pulls, it would be 2 screws attached to the cabinet.

Then you will want to measure out where you want to place the new hardware on your cabinetry. You will skip to this step if your cabinetry doesn’t have hardware already installed.

Once you know where you want to install your hardware, you will begin to drill holes in those locations you measure out (if none already exist).

Now it is time to install your cabinet hardware. Use your screws to secure the hardware in the location you mapped out with predrilled holes. Then you are ready to go!

Where to buy cabinet hardware?

Lily Ann Cabinets offers a wide variety of cabinet hardware to choose from! With over 3,400 high-quality knobs or pull options to choose from in all finishes and styles, you’re sure to find the best cabinet hardware that will match the design of your kitchen!

How to clean cabinet hardware?

According to Martha Stewart, the best way to remove any grime from your cabinet hardware is by soaking it in a bucket of warm water, vinegar, and a drop of mild dish soap for 30 minutes. 

How to choose cabinet hardware?

Cabinet hardware should accent the aesthetic you are looking for in your kitchen or bathroom. This style can be contemporary, traditional, or transitional, the list goes on and on. 

Choosing your hardware is a step-by-step process by first choosing your style (knobs or pulls), then selecting the finish, and lastly determining the size of your hardware.

The style you choose will be the element that accents your room's overall look. Is it modern or rustic?  This is what you will have to decide to know the shape of your hardware.

The finish is what will give your cabinet the perfect contrast to draw attention to cabinetry and give your space more detail. Black cabinet hardware is perfect for white cabinetry to help contrast the bright look.

Size is dependent on your preference and the size of the cabinets you are installing hardware on. Make sure to have samples of hardware to test the look of each before installation.

What color hardware for white kitchen cabinets in 2022?

Gold Hardware cabinet hardware is a staple for white cabinetry in 2022! This clean, yet elegant finish will have your kitchen, bathroom, or laundry room feeling like a luxurious oasis. 

What color hardware for grey cabinets?

According to Better Homes & Gardens, silver is the most common color of hardware used with grey kitchen cabinets. Other metallic hardware could also work depending on if your grey cabinets have a warmer or cooler tone.

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