9 Clever Corner Kitchen Sink Ideas To Maximize Space

9 Clever Corner Kitchen Sink Ideas To Maximize Space

Is a corner kitchen sink right for you? Find out why more homeowners are opting for this style of sink design.

A common issue that remodelers face when redesigning their kitchen is deciding where to put the sink. Especially in small kitchens, the sink takes up a hefty portion of counter space, reducing room for meal prep and other kitchen work. The sink can also be an eyesore when installed in the center of the kitchen (hello, dirty dishes!)

Today, we’re solving your sink design dilemma by offering up another solution: the corner kitchen sink. Often disregarded as inconvenient or unsightly, corner kitchen sinks have gotten a bad rap in the past. But it’s important to acknowledge their potential as a major space-saver and legitimate design solution.

Nowadays, kitchen sinks are manufactured in a vast variety of shapes, materials, and styles, so don’t fear getting stuck with an outdated traditional style. From matte black to copper, it’s easy to find modern corner sinks that will suit your style and refresh your kitchen design.

Read on to explore 9 of our favorite corner kitchen sink design ideas to showcase the many design possibilities for your kitchen!

1. Double Basin Sink

white countertops and white shaker cabinets surround a stainless steel double basin kitchen sink with a large extendable faucet

If you’re worried about losing dishwashing space with a corner sink, consider a double basin (or double bowl) style. This stainless steel, double basin sink is perfectly designed to fit the corner of the kitchen counter space. With a large extendable faucet, there’s plenty of room for washing dishes. Another benefit of a double basin corner sink is the ability to separate dirty and clean dishes, or multi-task between cooking and washing.

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2. Efficient Kitchen Workspace

large farmhouse kitchen with corner sink, hard wood floors, Cream Cabinets and granite countertops,

Placing the sink in the corner of the kitchen saves more floor space for others to move around whoever is standing at the sink. For example, it’s much easier for one person to do dishes while another move around between the stove and fridge to cook. With the sink tucked in the corner, movement in the kitchen is more easy and more organic. No more bumping into each other while cooking dinner or putting away groceries.

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3. Customized Convenience

matte black custom corner sink with drainboard

One way to ensure your corner kitchen sink fits perfectly is to order it custom-made. Corner sinks can be built to your exact specifications, helping you maximize every inch of counter space. A custom sink will also allow you to choose the perfect style for you—whether it’s a double basin, overmount, under mount, apron front, or traditional.

You’ll also have more flexibility in the material, where the most common options are copper, stainless steel, fireclay, and cast iron. This convenient drainboard sink is nestled perfectly in the corner of a modern black kitchen. How will you design your custom corner sink?

4. Out Of Sight, Out Of Mind

rustic kitchen with large custom island, hickory cabinets, and small corner sink

In this rustic kitchen design, the kitchen sink is cleverly hidden in the corner. It was intentionally placed out of plain sight so the focus is instead placed on the gorgeous wood kitchen cabinets, granite countertops, and custom island. The sink can be unsightly at times—full of random stains and stray dishes—so it’s smart to place it in the far corner of the kitchen, where it’s least likely to be seen by guests.

5. Emphasize Natural Lighting

bright white kitchen with white shaker cabinets, natural lighting and stainless steel corner kitchen sink

In many homes, positioning the kitchen sink in the corner means more access to natural light. Since cabinets typically take up the bulk of the wall space in the kitchen, the windows are often pushed to the outer corners of the room. This makes the corner of the kitchen the perfect nook for a sink. Natural light is helpful for spotting stains on dishes, making your wash job easier.

To illuminate the sink at night, this kitchen designer also installed pendant lights and recessed lighting directly above. There’s no such thing as too much light in the kitchen!

6. Make It Modern

modern double basin corner sink with modern faucet and wood countertops

Corner kitchen sinks aren’t reserved for traditional kitchen styles. You can easily modernize the look by thinking outside of the box. This unique corner sink features two separate circular basins, with a large extendable black faucet to reach down into both of the bowls. Especially in tiny kitchens with little to no counter space, utilizing a sink in this style can drastically increase the amount of workable counter area.

7. Handy Island Workspace

kitchen island with small corner sink for extra cooking and cleaning space

This large black granite island features a small undermount corner sink. This is a convenient design idea for those who love to cook—one person can rinse, cut and cook food on the island while the other uses the larger apron front sink to wash dishes and clean. As an added bonus, the island is fitted with custom shaker cabinets for storage of pots, pans, and utensils. This design functions as two kitchens in one to save time and space.

8. Elegant Touches

elegant white kitchen with white farmhouse corner sink and white shaker cabinets

While some want to keep their corner kitchen sinks tucked away and out of sight, others choose to turn it into a focal point of the room. This elegant white kitchen design draws your attention toward the white farmhouse sink with a unique pendant light, fresh flowers, and a sleek chrome faucet. The two windows above shed natural light onto the space and give the sink area an inviting feel. There’s no reason you can’t make standing at the sink an enjoyable and appealing experience!

9. U-Shaped Island Sink

large grey and white contemporary kitchen with pendant lighting white marble countertops and u-shaped island with corner sink
Duckworth Interiors

This grand contemporary kitchen was designed for two professional chefs. But you don’t have to be a cooking connoisseur to appreciate the convenience of a U-shaped island sink. Not only is this sink within two steps of the stove and right next to the dishwasher (concealed by a clever cabinet door), it allows the two to work together to create gorgeous meals without constantly bumping into each other. If you have a U-shaped island or plan on building one, consider adding a sink to the middle for ultimate convenience.

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