5 Gorgeous Wet Bar Ideas To Elevate Your Home

5 Gorgeous Wet Bar Ideas To Elevate Your Home

Create your dream home wet bar with these creative and affordable ideas!

Header photo via: Style by Emily Henderson

A well-placed wet bar can elevate any space. Whether it’s a basement, bedroom, or kitchen, there are numerous different ways to transform a space just by adding a wet bar. Have a man cave in the basement? A dark, rustic wet bar might just suffice. Have a bright and white kitchen? A light, simplistic wet bar may just do the job, or dark cabinetry to contrast. Want it to stand out? Flashy hardware and a colorful backsplash behind the wet bar will look amazing.

Wherever your home wet bar is, there are many ways to enhance it’s visual and functional appeal. Let’s check out some ideas to make your wet bar the social center of your home.

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Basement Wet Bar

Many basements are referred to as a “man cave”, which usually entails a darker, more rustic design. This can look boring and drab very quickly, so add some spice to the basement with a wet bar that will do the job and look good doing it!

For example, check out this wet bar that includes open shelving, a rustic wood wallpaper as the backsplash, beautiful neutral cabinets, and bronzed hardware that brightens the cabinets without taking away from the rustic feel.

Basement wet bar with brown cabinets

East Coast Rustic

If this look is too dark for you, a simple rug in front of the wet bar to contrast with the dark floors will quickly brighten up the space. Grey shaker cabinets are perfect for achieving a rustic feel combined with bronze modern hardware. This combination is sure to ‘wow’ any guests!

Dramatic Wet Bar

Looking for a wet bar that immediately catches everyone’s eye? A sleek shaker cabinet mixed with gold hardware and wood open-shelving might be the right look for you!

This wet bar uses contrasting colors to create some visual drama. It’s eye-catching, but in a simple way.

Wet bar with dark cabinets

The House of Silver Lining

The dark tone of the cabinets is contrasted by gold hardware, a pure white countertop and natural wood open shelving. Not only is this wet bar a functional space, it’s a work of art! This space would be a perfect contrast to a bright white kitchen. It’s the perfect mix between dark and light.

This dramatic wet bar idea would also work with lighter cabinets, such as light grey cabinetry, or even a dark espresso shaker cabinet.

Simple Wet Bar

Have an area in a room that serves no purpose? An awkward nook or tight space that you can’t seem to figure out what to place there? Try a wet bar! A small wet bar can elevate a space while also serving a functional purpose.

Look at this simple, white wet bar. Without it being there, there would be a blank, awkward wall blocking off the rest of the house. Yet this wet bar adds more style and functionality to the room.

White basic wet bar

North Carolina Charm

This type of wet bar is perfect for those awkward spaces you can’t seem to fill. With simple white shaker cabinets and traditional hardware it effortlessly continues the bright and clean theme of the room. The white subway tile backsplash is clean and simple, yet you could always add a splash of color with a patterned backsplash in order to elevate the look and feel of the space. The glass upper cabinets are also a nice design touch, as they allow you to display any decorative dishware or bottles.

With a simple wet bar, you are adding functionality and style to a room without breaking the wallet, as well as potentially filling a space that was awkward prior to adding the bar.

Modern Farmhouse Wet Bar

Lots of white, lots of shiplap. If modern farmhouse is your go-to style, this wet bar is perfect for you! The farmhouse feel doesn’t have to be rustic; it can be clean, bright, and sleek while still following suit with the farmhouse-look.

This beautiful wet bar executes the modern farmhouse style perfectly. The shiplap brings the farmhouse feel, while the tones of the countertop, flooring and open shelving warms up the stark white of their surroundings.

White modern farmhouse wet bar


This look can be easily achieved with a simple white cabinet, dark hardware, shiplap, and countertops that resemble concrete. Shiplap is a fantastic and simple way to elevate a wet bar’s look without making it look too busy. Even with the shiplap, a beautifully patterned backsplash would be a great way to also elevate this wet bar while also potentially adding more color. This farmhouse style wet bar is the perfect addition to any modern farmhouse!

Moody Wet Bar

Looking for something a bit more dramatic? Try going for a moodier style with darker tones and an eye-catching backsplash.

This wet bar has a dark, alluring feel. The dark cabinetry mixed with dark hardware and a reflective backsplash are contrasted with a lighter wood countertop and natural wood shelving. This contrast of dark and light gives off a ‘moody’ feeling, which is accentuated by the backlit shelving.

Darky and moody wet bar


A moody wet bar can be achieved with any color of dark cabinetry. Dark navy blue, dark green, or black cabinets are all great options when paired with some dark hardware. A lighter countertop and shelving helps break up this darkness and give the wet bar more of a warm feeling. Also note how the backlighting can illuminate any bottles or glasses, creating an almost showcase-like effect. This light not only bounces off the glasses, but also the reflective backsplash, which gives the wet bar more texture and dimension.

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