16 Places To Hide Easter Eggs In The Kitchen

16 Places To Hide Easter Eggs In The Kitchen

Easter is just around the corner, and it's time to start thinking about where you are hiding easter eggs! While hiding them outside is always fun, sometimes the weather doesn't cooperate, or you just want to keep the hunt indoors. The kitchen can be a great place to hide eggs, with its many nooks and crannies. Here are some ideas for good places to hide Easter eggs in your kitchen:

1. In the fridge

hide easter eggs behind the milk jug in the fridge

Inside the fridge, you can hide eggs behind the milk jug, inside the egg carton, or on the shelves behind other food items. Just be sure to let everyone know if the egg is boiled or raw before they go digging around!

2. In the pantry

Hide Easter egg in the pantry

The pantry offers plenty of options for hiding Easter eggs. You can tuck them behind cereal boxes, inside a bag of flour, or on a shelf behind other food items. You can even put an egg inside a cereal box without opening the packaging for an extra challenge.

3. In the fruit bowl

Hide easter eggs in fruit bowl

The fruit bowl is a great spot to hide Easter eggs. You can hide them among the fruit, behind the fruit bowl, or inside a paper bag.

4. On top of cabinets

hide easter eggs top of the kitchen cabinets

If you have cabinets in your kitchen that reach the ceiling, you can place eggs on top of them for a harder challenge. Just be sure to use a sturdy stool or ladder to reach the eggs safely.

5. In kitchen drawers

hide easter eggs in the kitchen drawer

If you have spare drawers in your kitchen, you can hide Easter eggs inside them. You can also put them inside a utensil holder for a surprise find.

6. In the dishwasher

Hide easter eggs inside the dishwasher

The dishwasher is another great hiding spot. You can put eggs on the racks, inside the silverware holder, or even in a dirty dish that needs to be washed.

7. Inside pots and pans

hide easter eggs inside the pot and pans

If you have pots and pans with lids, you can hide eggs inside them for a fun challenge. Just make sure to clean them thoroughly before use!

8. In the oven

easter egg inside the oven

The oven is another spot to hide Easter eggs. You can put them inside the oven, on the oven racks, or in a baking dish.

9. Behind the Trash can

easter egg behind the trash can

If you’re looking for a challenge, put an egg behind the trash can! Just make sure the floor is clean beforehand.

10. In the cookie jar

easter egg inside the yellow cookie jar

If you have a cookie jar on display, put an easter egg in the jar! You can even place cookies on top of the easter egg to make the easter egg hunt more challenging!

11. Inside a tea kettle or coffee pot

easter egg inside the green kettle

Put an easter egg inside of a tea kettle for a harder place to hide easter eggs.

12. Inside the blender

easter egg inside the blender

Place an egg inside your blender or food processor. Just be sure that any sharp points are removed beforehand.

13. On the spice rack

hide easter egg inside the spice cabinet

The spice rack is the perfect place to hide easter eggs! Who would assume an egg would be next to the onion powder?

14: On the windowsill or ledge

hide easter eggs in windowsill or ledge

To take it up a notch, place the easter egg behind the curtains or blinds!

15. Inside a cereal box

eater egg Inside a cereal box

The kids will never see this one coming! For the ultimate hunt, place one of your easter eggs inside of a cereal box or even a bag of flour.

16. Behind a small appliance such as the toaster

hide easter egg behind the toaster

Children may not think to move every day appliance that sits out on the counter. Try placing an easter egg behind the toaster for the ultimate egg hunt!

colorful Easter eggs

Hiding Easter eggs in your kitchen can be a fun and exciting way to celebrate the holiday. If you are looking for ideas for good places to hide easter eggs in other areas of your house, follow this list:

  1. Inside potted plants
  2. Underneath sofa cushions
  3. Behind picture frames on walls
  4. In between books on bookshelves
  5. In between couch pillows
  6. In a shoebox or inside shoes
  7. Inside stuffed animals or toys
  8. In a jar or vase on a countertop or table
  9. On a high shelf or ledge
  10. Inside a mailbox or letterbox
  11. In a kitchen appliance, such as a microwave or toaster
  12. In a bathtub or shower stall
  13. In a clothes hamper or laundry basket
  14. In a closet or dresser drawer
  15. In a toolbox or garage storage cabinet.
  16. In coat pockets or jackets hanging in the closet
  17. In a toy chest or playroom
  18. In the laundry room, behind laundry baskets or detergent bottles
  19. In the bathroom, behind towels or toiletries
  20. In a decorative bowl or jar
  21. Underneath furniture, like couches or chairs
  22. On window sills or ledges
  23. On top of picture frames or wall decor
  24. In the garage or shed, on shelves or in toolboxes

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Places to hide easter egg

Remember to make a note of all the hiding spots you use so that you can make sure you've found all the eggs at the end of the hunt. Happy Easter!


1. How do you hide Easter eggs in open space?

Hiding Easter eggs is incredibly easy. Hiding them in open space is a simple task such as placing them on a counter, on a couch, or on a door handle.

2. When should I hide Easter eggs?

You should hide your Easter eggs after your kids have gone to sleep so you can surprise them and tell them the Easter bunny visited!

3. How many Easter eggs should I hide per child?

Depending on everyone's preference, 10-20 eggs per child is a decent amount!

4. Is it oK to leave Easter eggs out overnight?

Depending on what is placed inside your Easter eggs they should be fine to be left out overnight!

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