15 Incredible Kitchen Islands That Defy Design Standards

15 Incredible Kitchen Islands That Defy Design Standards

We’re sharing all the best modern kitchen island ideas to inspire your next remodel.


Why Install A Kitchen Island?


Installing a kitchen island solves a number of common homeowner complaints. An island adds extra counter space, more storage, and room to hangout. It’s the central hub of a kitchen where friends and family gather around to spend time together, cook and relax. On top of these benefits, the kitchen island can also function as a piece of art. By adding your own creative touch, a custom island design can take your kitchen from drab to dramatic.


How Much Does A Kitchen Island Cost?


Kitchen island costs can vary widely depending on the size and materials used. The average cost ranges from $3,000 to $5,000. However, custom-built islands can easily exceed $10,000. Features like cabinets, countertop material, sinks, dishwasher and other built-in appliances add up fast, so make sure you decide which add-ons you’d like before getting a quote. Although kitchen islands can be pricey, they are well worth the cost in terms of convenience and resale value.


If you are remodeling your home or building a new one, it’s important to get inspired before you make any large kitchen design decisions. We’re here to help! Read on to find 15 unique kitchen island ideas that will help guide the direction of your design. If you need assistance finding the right layout, materials or size, feel free to use our free 3D design tool!

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#1. Rustic Retreat


kitchen island with distressed wood and white marble for a modern rustic design


Rosewood Custom Builders


This modern rustic kitchen uses a mix of materials to flawlessly blend the island into the design. The open layout makes the island the focal point of the space, with sleek leather bar stools making it the central gathering hub of the home. Putting a unique spin on island design, this sitting area features three contrasting finishes: distressed wood, dark-stained wood, and white marble. The kitchen sink is installed in the middle of this massive island for ultimate convenience, creating an efficient kitchen work triangle.

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3D Kitchen Visualizer Tool

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#2. Reclaimed Charm


reclaimed wood island in a white kitchen with white backsplash and white marble countertop


Sarah Richardson Design


Is reclaimed wood too rural for modern kitchen design? We think not. This island design by Sarah Richardson proves that reclaimed wood can be incorporated into an all-white kitchen without making it look too “country farmhouse.” Matched with a sleek white countertop, this custom wood island is an elegant design statement that brings an artistic vibe to this kitchen.


#3. Bold Basement


large basement kitchen with unique island design, red barstools, tile floors and white countertop




This old-school basement island design is reminiscent of a private James Bond getaway. The retro red bar stools add a bright pop of color, contrasting the white countertop and white cabinets. Constructed with live-edge wood, the base of the custom island is truly a work of art. While most islands utilize base cabinets for extra storage space, opting for an open bottom can really make a statement. It will also make the surrounding space feel more open and airy.


#4. Mahogany Magic


modern kitchen with mahogany island and matching cabinets. glass pendant lighting is hung over the island and glass front cabinet doors add extra storage


Royalty Construction


Featuring a rich mahogany finish, the matching cabinets and island in this kitchen exude a calming, modern sophistication. To tie the design together, the dark wood panels on the island were also used for the range hood. For an ultra-polished look, three glass pendant lights hang above the island, casting subdued reflections off the soft grey countertop. Space underneath the island is perfect for extra leg room and for storing away bar stools when they aren’t being used.


#5. A Pop Of Teal


colorful spanish kitchen with painted tile backsplash and bright teal kitchen island with a butcher block countertop and small sink


James David Custom Homes


Tired of the same boring kitchen island colors? Paint it bright! Take this vibrant island for example—the lively teal paint color lights up the entire room. Certainly a conversation piece, this island also features a small wine fridge, mini glass-front food cubbies, and custom butcher block countertop. Paired with a blue and yellow painted tile backsplash, this exciting island makes the whole kitchen shine.


#6. Scandinavian Simplicity


modern Scandinavian kitchen features an artistic island with black marble and wood accents


Naked Kitchens


If your style is a bit more subdued, take this kitchen island idea into consideration. This island serves as more of an art piece than a storage unit, but the payoff is well worth it. The thick black marble countertop is the perfect size for kitchen prep work, with a small stove burner for cooking. Simple yet functional, this Scandinavian kitchen island design is a unique addition to this modern home.


#7. Cutting Corners


modern kitchen with rounded island, black cabinets, geometric backsplash and wood floor




Now trending in popular kitchen island design ideas is the use of organic shapes. Say goodbye to traditional angular corners and hello to free-form shapes with rounded edges. Yes, this design style is more difficult to achieve, but the result is undeniably appealing. In this kitchen, the designer wanted to give the island a unique shape that would enhance the flow of the space. With gorgeous paneled siding and a sleek wood countertop, this island does not disappoint in its intent.


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#8. Illuminate the Industrial


modern industrial kitchen with oversized center island. featuring stainless steel bar stools and cement countertop




Industrial kitchen islands can often seem cold or sterile, seeming unwelcoming to the average house guest. However, it’s possible to make an industrial design feel warm and welcoming with a few small tweaks. For example, this oversized center island maintains the old-factory feel with a cement countertop and stainless steel bar stools. However, the light fixture above casts a warm glow on the space that removes the coldness from the design. Additionally, warm-toned wood floors and matching brick backsplash take this kitchen from cold and hostile to cozy and pleasant.


#9. California Dreaming


large bright california kitchen with wood island and white shaker cabinets


RG Architecture


If counter space is your main concern, get inspired by this immense kitchen situated high in the hills of California. This bright and breezy kitchen has more than enough surface area, with a huge wooden island providing enough room for the whole family to gather around. Open storage on the bottom makes it easy to grab fresh produce and pots for cooking. To store the dishware, a rolling ladder was installed to access a row of white glass door shaker cabinets. The butcher block countertop creates the ultimate space to prepare an enormous feast. Who wouldn’t want to cook in this incredible kitchen?


#10. Playing with Shapes


geometric l-shaped kitchen island in a grey and white kitchen design with light tile floors


The designer of this modern grey and white island was determined to create an interesting shape without sacrificing functionality. The L-shaped island features curved cabinet doors and a custom white marble countertop. The result is stunning: a unique geometric structure that demands your attention upon entering the room. Adding to the grandeur of this space, the grey shaker cabinets offer a gorgeous contrast against the rest of the white finishes.


#11. Don’t Forget Dining


unique modern kitchen island with an attached dining table. white countertops and simple frameless white cabinetry


Paul Craig


What do you do if you don’t have enough space for a formal dining room? Simple: turn the island into a kitchen table! This unique center island design features an extension crafted from a slab of ebony wood. Small yet functional, this L-shaped “table” offers enough room to enjoy meals without the need for a dedicated dining space. The island-table combination can even be downsized to use in small kitchens. Ultimately, this design is perfect for the minimalist who doesn’t mind a multi-functional island.


#12. Mountain Mansion


large cabin kitchen with wood accents and oversized island with butcher block and stone siding


Cornerstone Architects


This rustic kitchen is the ultimate mountain getaway. The gorgeous wood walls and matching shaker kitchen cabinets evoke a rustic yet refined look. However, the massive center island is what really steals the show in this cabin kitchen design. Sided with natural stone and finished with a huge wooden slab countertop, this island is ideal for large family gatherings or get-togethers with friends. A large island is a must-have for any cooking fanatic who loves to entertain. How would you like this rustic kitchen island in your home?


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#13. Sensational Centerpiece


modern basement kitchen with custom island and led lighting


When working with intricate islands, it’s often better to design the kitchen around the island. In essence, you should choose the finishes, shape and design of the island, then use the same finishes and design style in the surrounding kitchen decor elements.


For the design process of this modern kitchen, the homeowner first commissioned a custom island constructed with marble, glass and wood. After creating the island design, they chose complementary cabinets, countertops and backsplash. This ensured the island would stand out and perfectly match the rest of the kitchen.


#14. Earthy Element


live edge wood countertop in a contemporary kitchen with hickory shaker kitchen cabinets


Remodel West


Raw, natural elements can make a striking addition to a contemporary kitchen. Incorporating earthy materials like wood can take your kitchen from boring and dull to dynamic and innovative. To prove this point, this kitchen was completely transformed with a live-edge wood countertop on the island. Natural wood accents like this can add significant value onto the home and match almost any decor style.


#15. Sculptural Sublime


artistic sculptural kitchen island design made of stainless steel in a rustic kitchen


Mark Hickman Homes


Why not turn the kitchen island into a sculptural masterpiece? If you have room in your budget and an eye for creative design, a custom island with artistic flare could be right for you. This stainless steel kitchen island has pointed legs and a carved corner sink that add drama and complexity to the home’s otherwise traditional design. If you can find a builder who is willing to work with you on a unique design, a sculptural kitchen island like this is a gorgeous addition to any kitchen.


Your Dream Kitchen, For Less


Lily Ann Cabinets specializes in creating custom 3D designs to help you visualize your dream kitchen. The best part? It’s 100% free! Your ideal kitchen island is waiting… Get started today! If you have any questions, feel free to ask our friendly customer service representatives. We’re always here to help!



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