12 Luxurious Small Kitchens To Inspire Your Remodel

12 Luxurious Small Kitchens To Inspire Your Remodel

Small kitchens can be lavish, too. Find inspiration for your remodel with these luxury small (yet lush) kitchen design ideas.


Small kitchens can be perceived in one of two ways: as a nuisance to avoid at all costs, or as a unique opportunity to put your creativity to the test. With the right tools, preparation and attitude, anyone can conquer a small kitchen remodel. Although some small kitchen layouts can feel cramped or stuffy, there are numerous design options available that will maximize space and brighten up the room. That’s right—anyone can make a tiny kitchen work in their favor!


Benefits Of A Small Kitchen


Minimalist: What small kitchens lack in counter space and square footage, they make up for in practicality and minimalist charm. Minimalism is a trend that has taken the world by storm in recent years. Essentially, minimalism is the belief that excess “things” lead to more stress. Tiny kitchen layouts lend well to this belief because they force homeowners to get rid of anything that isn’t completely essential. In a small kitchen, every food item, appliance and kitchen gadget has a purpose and a place.


Clean: What’s more, less space typically means a cleaner kitchen. Limited storage area means you don’t have room to stow away random dishes, keys, the kids’ stray homework pages, and other random household items. While this may seem like a negative, in the long run, it means you can nix those laborious 2-hour “deep cleans.” Instead, simply tidy as you go!


Affordable: A large kitchen remodel means more cabinets, flooring, and countertops. Not only does this increase the remodel budget, it lengthens the overall renovation timeline. Alternatively, a small kitchen remodel requires less material and less time to complete. For those with a tight budget and lack of time, a small kitchen remodel is the obvious solution.


There’s no reason to fear a small kitchen. In fact, there are many reasons why you should embrace a tinier kitchen. To prove it, we’re sharing 12 of our favorite small kitchen design ideas to inspire your remodel.

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#1. Rustic Farmhouse Charm


small farmhouse kitchen with exposed brick accent wall, dark wood floors, white base cabinets and wood countertops. the upper cabinets are replaced with open shelving to make the small room feel larger.




This quaint farmhouse kitchen in London maintains some of its original rustic charm with an exposed brick wall. To enhance the flow of the design, only a few white base cabinets were installed. Instead of upper cabinets, a few rows of floating shelves hang above the counter and along the opposite wall. Since there isn’t a formal dining room, the wooden countertops were extended in an L-shape to accommodate bar stool seating. The result is a stunning, functional design that feels open and airy.

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#2. Bright White Shaker


small white kitchen with shaker cabinets and marble waterfall countertop. bright colors illuminate the space, including white wall paint and light wood floors


Moneyhill Interiors


This kitchen designer made the most of a small space by maximizing important features and eliminating the unnecessary. Large stainless steel appliances and a custom wine organizer take up the bulk of the kitchen, making functionality a priority. For optimal storage, bright white shaker cabinets occupy the rest of the wall space. A white marble waterfall countertop adds a chic modern element to the room, also serving as extra surface space for food prep. Not an inch is wasted in this clever kitchen design!


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#3. Australian Outback


modern australian home with adjoining kitchen and living room. white flat panel cabinets are simple yet elegant. grey countertops and large windows surround them




This modern home is located in the Australian outback, nestled into a garden of lush foliage. As not to distract from the natural beauty of the surrounding environment, the interior of the home is kept simple, modern and understated. Featuring clean lines and neutral colors, the small L-shaped kitchen is fitted with simple flat panel cabinets. A wooden dining table separates the kitchen from the living room area. If a small modern kitchen is your goal, this design is the perfect model—beautiful, practical and elegant.


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#4. Rich Espresso


dark espresso shaker cabinets bring contrast to this small l-shaped kitchen. under cabinet lighting illuminates the space, while a simple white backsplash and grey floors brighten up the color palette


The Woodshop Of Avon


It’s commonly said that if you have a small kitchen, you should stay away from dark colors. Admittedly, this advice is fact-based—lighter colors reflect natural light, making the room feel bigger. However, designing with a mix of light and dark colors can create a stunning contrast that brings drama and depth to a space. The rich espresso shaker cabinets in this kitchen are the perfect example. Contrasted by light countertops and grey flooring, the cabinets really pop. Unique glass pendant lights and a mini center island give this kitchen practicality and character.


#5. A New Take on Traditional


small traditional kitchen with medium brown engraved cabinets, black center island with black marble countertops. the rich details distract the eye from the small space


Mutschler Kitchens


This traditional kitchen design feels grandiose despite the lack of space. The beautifully detailed cabinets give the room a craftsman’s touch. Dark marble countertops and a custom tile backsplash contribute to the elegant feel. Thoughtful finishes like this distract your eye from the layout, instead encouraging you to focus on the intricate details. Whereas most traditional style kitchens are larger in size, this miniature model still feels just as luxe.


#6. Gorgeous Galley


small white galley kitchen in a downtown loft. a kitchen work triangle is created with large white farmhouse sink, stainless steel stove and dishwasher.


Morris Moreno


Galley kitchens can be tricky, especially if more than one person is trying to cook at the same time. The solution? Intentionally-placed appliances. In this industrial loft’s kitchen, the large farmhouse sink, stove and dishwasher form a “work triangle.” This allows whoever is cooking to access everything they need within an arm’s reach. So, although the floor plan is narrow, the placement of the appliances means whoever is cooking won’t have to move more than a step to grab what they need.


#7. Miniature Modern


tiny modern kitchen with white and brown cabinets, mini kitchen table and led cabinet lighting




This conservative modern kitchen takes the word “tiny” to a new level. The L-shaped design maximizes space with flat panel cabinets and a small dining table for one. To brighten up the windowless room, LED lighting was installed behind the upper cabinets. LED cabinet lighting is a smart and inexpensive way to spruce up a kitchen for less. Although this modern kitchen is miniscule in size, it still feels inviting and workable.


#8. Tidy & Bright


bright white apartment kitchen with all white finishes including cabients, bar stools, dining table, dining chairs and subway tile backsplash




A small apartment kitchen can quickly start to feel confined and stuffy. The best two solutions to this problem are tidy up and brighten up! With the lack of counter space, clutter looks much worse in small kitchens. Although it can be difficult in apartment kitchens, try to keep kitchen items neatly tucked away when possible. Secondly, implement light, bright colors when possible. This designer used stark white everywhere except the paneled wood floors. As a result, the space feels vivid and refreshing.


#9. Clever Corner Space


a small kitchen is positioned in the corner of the living room area. grey base cabinets and white upper cabinets give the small space some contrast. a wooden dining table separates the kitchen and living areas


Vera Tarlovskaya Interiors


When the kitchen is positioned in the corner of the living room, it can be difficult to ensure the design flows well. Especially when the kitchen is small, it’s important to make sure it doesn’t stick out like a sore thumb in the corner of the space. To avoid this, use a consistent color palette throughout. This gorgeous home by Vera Tarlovskaya Interiors uses charcoal grey, white and wood accents to tie the two areas together. A small dining area with a table and chairs separates the two rooms without hampering the flow of the design. The resulting design makes the kitchen appear stylish and intentional, instead of awkward and misplaced.


#10. Compact Cabin


rustic wood cabin with miniature kitchen in the center of the home. wood open shelving and a wooden center island tie the kitchen in with the rest of the home's finishes




It’s common for cabins to have smaller kitchens, as they are typically used as vacation homes where little to no cooking takes place. However, that doesn’t mean the kitchen design isn’t important. This tiny cabin kitchen is right in the center of the home, complete with a number of unique finishes. The kitchen island is stacked with chopped wood for the adjacent stove. Paneled wood is used as a backsplash to tie together the other wood accents in the home. The rustic feel of this tiny cabin kitchen is just right for a relaxing mountain getaway.


#11. Calming Coastal


bright coastal kitchen with a 10 foot cabinet run, including stainless steel appliances. light blue wall paint and white ceilings make the room feel open and bright


Kinlin Grover Real Estate


This small coastal kitchen feels large and bright due to the open floor plan of the home and tall ceilings. A 10 foot cabinet run lines the back wall, providing just enough storage and cooking area for a coastal vacation home. The center island doubles as a dining table and extra counter space. This kitchen proves that even a 10 foot run can feel luxurious if it is incorporated into an open layout. Especially for vacation homes, a shorter cabinet run can be a functional and affordable design solution.


#12. A Splash Of Turquoise


narrow galley kitchen with white lower cabinets and glass door upper cabinets. one wall framing the window has an exposed brick backsplash. a turquoise blue runner rug distracts the eye and adds a touch of style


Jessie Webster


Another small kitchen idea that can distract the eye from the size of the space is to add a pop of color. This galley kitchen by Jessie Webster features beautiful white finishes, an exposed brick wall, and a teal runner rug. The bright color of the rug is what your eye is immediately drawn to—the perfect distraction in a small space. Other ways to add color include glass pendant lights, creative wall decor, bright cabinet hardware, or even a few vibrant house plants.


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