11 Best Coffee Bar Ideas for the Perfect Cup of Joe

11 Best Coffee Bar Ideas for the Perfect Cup of Joe

Is coffee a staple in your morning routine? Are you on a first-name basis with the Starbucks drive-through worker? If so, it’s time to rethink your morning cup of joe with an at-home coffee bar cabinet. Save hundreds of dollars and shave off a few minutes of your morning routine by brewing your cappuccino at home.

To help you build your dream caffeine station, we’re sharing 11 kitchen cabinet ideas for coffee stations. It’s time for an energized new kick to your morning routine! Read on to get inspired (and probably crave a homemade latte).

1. Slide-Out Coffee Bar Cabinet

white shaker cabinets with pull out coffee station and wine bar
PCI Builders

A caffeinated surprise is hiding behind these white shaker cabinets. This quaint home coffee station is conveniently hidden away inside two cabinet doors. A custom pull out drawer houses a coffee maker, kettle, and other home coffee bar essentials. This coffee cabinet is convenient at its finest!

2. Rustic Farmhouse Coffee Bar

Rustic Farmhouse Coffee BarPinterest

Complete with a charming Rae Dunn mug collection, this rustic coffee station has all the bells and whistles. A lazy susan is a great way to add more storage for things like coffee products, mugs, and small plates for a small space like the above. The metal rack is a good way to display any cute mugs you want to show off. Sip your latte in style next to this delightfully decorated mini-bar.

3. Modern Coffee Station with Gold Accents

modern coffee bar with tile backsplash and black countertops, complemented by light grey wall paint and small wooden shelves with gold accents

This modern coffee station stores stir sticks and other coffee must-haves on small wooden shelves situated above the black countertops and out of the way. Gold accents keep things classy, contrasting with the bright tile backsplash. This coffee corner is understated yet elegant, proving that a few simple shelves are all you really need for the perfect caffeine station.

4. Get Organized with Printable Labels

open cabinet with coffee bar accessories organized with farmhouse sticker labels

Appease your inner neat freak with this small coffee bar cabinet. This homeowner made the most of their small cabinet space with an extra metal rack for mug storage. Another bonus of this coffee cabinet is that it keeps the clutter off the countertops—even the kettle is stored away in this creative cubby. If you want to keep your coffee goodies extra organized, you can find these vintage cursive labels at the Creativity Exchange.

5. Back to Black Coffee Bar

Black Theme Coffee Bar

Love Create Celebrate

With a full black panelled wall, this charming white coffee bar cabinet is the perfect spot to wake up in the morning. This homeowner used black paint on the panelled walls, but you also could use chalk paint and write up the recipe of the day and decorative lettering to add your own customized style. The dark countertop and matching wood shelves provide ample storage space for all of the home coffee bar accessories.

6. Tiny Corner Coffee Bar Cabinet

Small Corner Coffee BarKreg

Lacking space? Not a problem. This mini coffee station is located just outside the living room on a small section of open wall space. A small white table is used as the perfect storage option for a few decorative mugs and a mini coffee maker. For extra space, a set of hooks are installed above the coffee station. This small coffee bar shows you don’t need much space to create the perfect latte haven.

7. DIY Coffee Cart

small rolling coffee cart made of wood on wheels, houses a white keurig and french press with matching white coffee mugs
Angela Marie Made

Using a small rolling cart, this portable coffee station is perfect for small homes or apartments. Fresh flowers and a quaint wood-framed sign give it a classy boutique feel. This coffee bar is the perfect affordable solution to keep coffee clutter off the countertops yet still within close reach.

8. Coffee Bar Cabinet with Fridge

Coffee Bar Cabinet With Fridge

Sima Spaces

For the ultimate barista, a fridge for milk, flavorings, and other add-ins is a must. This custom coffee bar cabinet contains a small mini-fridge for just that. Keep all of your coffee ingredients separate in their own space with this clever idea. Plus, this beautiful coffee cabinet still leaves space for charming decor on the countertops and in the open shelving above it.

9. DIY Keurig Drawer

DIY Keurig DrawerPinterest

This coffee bar is a great option for every Keurig-lover. With a handy K-Cup drawer insert, this station is convenient for that morning grab-and-go cup of joe. You don’t need a custom cabinet or full-sized coffee cart to get the job done—a drawer insert does the job too.

10. Lattes & Liquor

Multipurpose Coffee & Liquor CartPinterest

For the ideal day-to-night drink cart, reserve the bottom for alcohol. This decorative modern cart is the perfect size to store coffee goods on top and cocktail mixes on the bottom. The double-duty cart is best for apartment living, especially if your countertop space is lacking.

11. Open Shelving Mug Storage

Open Shelving Mug StorageD Magazine

To style your coffee bar exactly how you want it, installing open shelving above the bar is a great way to do so. With open shelving, it presents the opportunity to have additional decor for your coffee station, as well as a great spot to display cute mugs and coffee products!

Create the Perfect Coffee Bar Cabinet with Lily Ann

At Lily Ann Cabinets, our goal is to help you achieve your dream kitchen for less. Browse up to 50% off our premium selection of ready-to-assemble kitchen cabinets to create your ideal coffee station on a budget. If you need assistance designing your space, visit our website to get a free 3D kitchen design. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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1. Can you make your own coffee bar?

You can make your own coffee bar. Depending on your budget, you can either DIY a coffee cart or a coffee bar cabinet. Lily Ann Cabinets sells high-quality, ready-to-assemble cabinets that are 50% off box store pricing!

2. What’s the cheapest way to add your own coffee bar in your home?

The cheapest way to incorporate a coffee bar into your home is to either DIY one or order a ready-to-assemble coffee bar online. Lily Ann Cabinets RTA cabinets are a perfect, high-quality, inexpensive option for DIYing a coffee bar.

3. What’s the cheapest way to build your own coffee bar cabinet?

The cheapest way to build your own coffee bar cabinet is to either get all of the materials yourself or start from scratch. If you don’t have the time or are not able to do DIY at this level, ordering RTA (ready-to-assemble) cabinets is the next best option!

4. What are good decorations for a coffee bar?

Decor for a coffee bar is usually everything that you need to have a good, working coffee bar. Things like creamer, coffee presses, bags/jars of coffee, K-cup displays, utensils, and coffee mugs can all be considered decor for a coffee bar. To make them match the style of the rest of your home, you could repackage them into a set of matching jars, bags, and displays.

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